A smashing thank you gift delivered safely to Derry!

Dermot Bradley with the potato that made it all the way from Birmingham to Derry

Dermot Bradley with the potato that made it all the way from Birmingham to Derry

Receiving a potato in the post might seem pretty unusual for some but it made perfect sense for Dermot Bradley.

The 52-year-old painter from Derry received the unusual parcel from his sister-in-law Edel French in Birmingham after attending her wedding.

The potato followed on from the unusually themed wedding and was a thank-you for a very special gift.

Dermot had arranged for singer Brian Kennedy – a hero of Edel’s – to deliver a special video message to the couple on their big day.

“My sister-in-law Edel and her husband Jason French had a very special, spud-themed wedding in August,” said Dermot.

“Her table candles were mounted on spuds, the menus pinned to spuds and the favours were spuds.

“She lives in England and came back to get married in Derry. She felt that spuds were always associated with Ireland and went in that direction for her big day. She thought it would save money and be original.”

Speaking about the potato’s arrival in Ireland, Dermot said: “I didn’t think anything more of it. Then the postman arrived at the door one weekend and my 11-year-old son answered. The postman said he had a spud parcel and he could take it or leave it.

“My son accepted it and brought it in to me. You can imagine the surprise, I was absolutely dumbstruck. Then I read the back of it. It said: ‘Thank you so much for making our day so very special, from Team French’. It was a lovely gesture. We laughed so much.”

Amazingly the potato was still intact after its 400-mile journey.

Dermot said: “It was in absolutely perfect condition, there wasn’t a mark on it. Fair play to all the Royal Mail staff, they treated it with the utmost care to get it to us like that. I don’t imagine they get many parcels like that.

“I am trying to figure out how to preserve it. I am open to ideas. Some say you can freeze it, others say a lick of varnish might preserve it. But in these times of austerity, you never know, it might still be eaten.”

Edel said Post Office staff in Birmingham thought she was joking when she arrived with a Maris Piper for posting.

“It took me a while to get a pen that would write on the potato,” she said.

“The guy in the Post Office thought I was joking until he saw the address written. He said no a few times when I asked him to post it.

Then he said I’d need to put it in a box, I just kept saying please until he give in. He finally said he’d give it a go and asked me to let him know if it got there.”

What do you call a potato that is doesn’t want to jump into boiling water? ‘A hesitator!’