A special Christmas gift for Solihull couple

Ashleigh and Jacinta Colgan and with baby Luca

Ashleigh and Jacinta Colgan and with baby Luca

Solihull couple Jacinta and Ashleigh Colgan had the best Christmas they could wish for with the arrival of their baby son Luca.

Jacinta, aged 27, gave birth to their son at 1.38am on Christmas morning on the maternity ward at Heartlands Hospital.

The mum-to-be was at the hairdressers on Christmas Eve morning when she started getting pains at around 10.30am.

She said: “The girls were getting their towels ready and panicking. I went to my in-laws where we were going to spend Christmas Eve but the pain got worse.

“I had to go to Heartlands around 4.30pm.

“The midwife thought it was going to be late Christmas Eve but it happened Christmas morning at 1.38am.

Speaking on the morning after the birth, Jacinta, who has another son three-year-old Kaylen, said: “It’s amazing. It was hard work but now I just want my dinner!

“I’m very tired, he’s been feeding non-stop.

“We will have a Christmas and a birthday celebration. That’s going to be exciting. I’m happy because when they are meant to come, they are meant come.”

Jacinta said the arrival was also poignant for her family for religious reasons.

“I’m Catholic, so this is really a special time of the year and now even more so,” she added.

Midwife Emma Harris said seven babies were born at Heartlands in the early hours of Christmas, with the earliest arrival at 12.50am.

Speaking on Christmas Day morning, she said: “It’s been a steady night for us.

“There are a few ladies on the labour ward at the moment so more will be born. The atmosphere is lovely and we are all wearing our festive hats.

“When they are coming into labour they are happy and it’s a happy time. It’s marvellous when they give birth on Christmas Day.”