Alcoholic convicted of manslaughter

Barry Jackson Tower in Aston

Barry Jackson Tower in Aston

An alcoholic has been acquitted of murder but found guilty of manslaughter after killing his friend and flatmate in Aston.

Anthony O’Connell was found guilty after a week-long trial at Birmingham Crown Court.
 During the trial the court heard how Andrew Davies-Stanley, aged 51, was found dead at the flat where he and O’Connell lived in Barry Jackson Tower in Estone Walk earlier this year.

Police were called to the flat by O’Connell who told police he had been arguing with Mr Davies-Stanley in the previous few days about some missing money. 
O’Connell, aged 41, then told officers he attended the address just after 7.10pm on Wednesday 27 February and found the body. 
However when police arrived they found his clothes stained with Mr Davies-Stanley’s blood and later discovered the victim’s bank cards in O’Connell’s coat pocket.

He was arrested and taken to custody and during routine searches a ten pound note was found stashed down the front of a pair of tights that he was wearing.
 Further examinations at the scene also found the crutch which Mr Davies-Stanley used to walk, due to suffering from arthritis, next to the body.

Tests found O’Connell’s fingerprints on one end of the crutch, and blood at the other. On March 2 he was charged with Mr Davies-Stanley’s murder and remanded in custody. 
Detective Sergeant Mick Griffiths, who led the investigation team, said:

“This was a sad case where it appears two men, who were once friends, were arguing about money before one of them was killed.

We may never know exactly what happened in the flat on that night but it was clear that O’Connell’s actions led to Mr Davies-Stanley’s death.

He will now rightly spend a significant amount of time behind bars and this result brings some closure to all involved.” 
O’Connell is yet to be sentenced.