Baby Lemurs born at Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park


There have been more new arrivals at Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park  this week with the birth of four Ring-tailed Lemurs – two on Monday April 20 and on Thursday 23 April.

Born to dad Ralph and mums Cara and Annie, the baby Ring-tailed Lemurs join other recent arrivals at the park in Edgbaston – a baby Pied Tamarin born on February 18, baby Golden Lion Tamarin twins born on February 27 and a baby Yellow Capuchin Monkey born on March 18.

Head of Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, Les Basford, said: “It’s been a very busy few months with so many new arrivals and I’m happy to say all eight babies are doing very well.  These animals are beautiful creatures and I know our visitors will enjoy watching the little ones play.

“On a more serious note, many of these species are critically endangered so these babies are a remarkable achievement and hugely important for the international breeding programmes we support.”

Visitors are invited to leave names for all the new arrivals at the front desk in the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park.

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