Become a ‘Befriender’ with Birmingham Irish Association

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Recent reports have suggested that being lonely could be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, according to the charity, The Campaign to End Loneliness.

And a poll carried out by the group suggests one in five people over the age of 60 feel isolated and feel that they have got no-one to turn to.

Further reports say that GPs are being encouraged to prescribe trips to lunch clubs and museums as part of new measures to tackle loneliness.

The growing evidence of the links between loneliness and poor health is something that has never been far from the Birmingham Irish Association’s ethos and they have provided many various services throughout the years to support the community at any age.

Yvonne Price, from the Birmingham Irish Association said, “Can you imagine never seeing anyone from one day to the next?

“No sit back and have a think… today you didn’t see a soul, but that was no different from yesterday and it will be the same as tomorrow, you’re looking forward to Friday because you go to the shops and may have a chat to someone? Do you get the picture?”

To support the befriending service and offer your support, or to obtain more information contact Yvonne Price, Birmingham Irish Association, 0121 604 6111 or 07795 086 517.