Birmingham X Factor hopeful Teresa Farrell discusses disappointment

Reza in singing action with pupils from St Anne’s RC Junior School in Chelmsley Wood

Reza in singing action with pupils from St Anne’s RC Junior School in Chelmsley Wood

X Factor hopeful Teresa Farrell has spoken of her disappointment after failing to win through on the television talent show.

Teresa, who sings under the name of Reza, had managed to win over judge Nicole Scherzinger, but Nicole’s attempts to persuade fellow judges to also vote for the Birmingham singer were in vain.

Despite her disappointment Teresa praised former Take That singer Gary Barlow for his words of encouragement as she left.

“I got Nicole up and dancing, but it wasn’t good enough for the others,” said Teresa. “I thought I’m only going to be here once, so I sat down and refused to move.

“I think I should win an Oscar for the performance of my life as I pleaded for another chance. I was determined to fight for my dream.

“Gary was a true gentleman. He got out of his seat and said ‘Come on Reza, you’re worth more than this.

“Then it dawned on me what I was doing so I stood up, and Gary walked me to the door ñ and gave me a kiss.

“He said, ‘I know we’re going to hear more from Reza,’ and he’s right, they will. I’m determined to carry on singing.”

Teresa, who works as an advertising executive for the Birmingham Post & Mail and whose X Factor hopes were featured in The Harp, said she had been thrown off her stride firstly by an interruption and then by being asked to sing a song that was not one of her strongest.

The 46-year-old from Chelmsley Wood told how her audition had been interrupted by a member of the production team.

“It put me right off,” she said. “I had just started singing True Colors by Cyndi Lauper, which was the song that had seen me through two earlier auditions with the producers, when this women suddenly appeared in front of Louis and started talking to him.

“It was so rude. I don’t think anyone else had to cope with that. I went off-key and Louis asked me to stop. They wouldn’t let me start again.

“We had to submit a list of five songs we could sing, and I asked if I could perform That Man by Caro Emerald, but Louis insisted I sing the last one on my list, Right Now by Rihanna, which I hadn’t rehearsed as much.

“I wasn’t in the zone. I just think I didn’t get a proper audition. I knew they would show me begging on TV, but not what happened before when I was so rudely interrupted.”

Her performance also came at the end of a long and arduous day hanging around at Birmingham’s ICC.

She said: “I had been kept waiting for 12 hours; we got to the ICC in Birmingham at 9am and I wasn’t seen until 9pm.”

And the singer, who is determined to continue to perform – though not on the X Factor again – revealed some intense questioning during the long day made it rougher still.

“I was interviewed several times and I started crying because they asked me about my divorce. I thought I had dealt with my feelings but I obviously hadn’t, and I got emotional.

“I think X Factor offers a great opportunity, but people who audition should be sure they are strong enough. I won’t be auditioning again.”