Birmingham’s all female Boxing & Fitness club opens up in Irish Quarter

Coach Jason Lowe with some of the ladies of Birmingham’s Irish Quarter WBC

Coach Jason Lowe with some of the ladies of Birmingham’s Irish Quarter WBC

Late last year Birmingham’s Irish Quarter bore witness to an opening of a female only boxing club and after a short time in existence, it’s already is making the right moves to get its name in big lights!

The Women’s Boxing Club (WBC) started up last November at the Aero Kickboxing gym on Bissell Street, Digbeth/Highgate. The building was already housing the Aero Kickboxing gym ran by the former European and British Kickboxing champion Colin Treasure.

Birmingham did not have all-female Boxing/fitness classes, in fact most clubs didn’t or do not want female boxers at their gyms because of facilities such as showers and changing rooms are a costly addition. Also as of April the 1st last year, Birmingham City Council had privatised most former council ran gymnasiums, only leaving a hand full under their guidance. Most state funding for female boxers before the Olympics was not an option. But after Katie Taylor and Nicola Adams made headlines, gyms got more ladies walking in but not many stayed long enough to make a difference.

On seeing this, the WBC agreed a partnership with Aero Kickboxing and formed a three-night session for females to learn Boxing and fitness at both amateur and professional levels. However, after only two months in existence, the WBC was granted a partnership with both Sport England and ‘This Girl Can.’

This Girl Can is a national campaign developed by Sport England, involved a wide range of organisations to help active women all over the country in all aspects of the life.

Radio WM who was present on the St Patricks parade was very interested in women’s boxing and gave some time interviewing two females who train at the gym, and Steve Bunce from BOX-NATION has taken an interest in the gym also.

Mav Akram

Mav Akram

Leading partner and spokeswoman Mav Akram said; “The sessions at WBC are a fantastic way to get motivated. The Ladies are from every kind of background, yet when they step into the gym their troubles and headaches are forgotten. The sessions are always different but yet thrilling, as no one knows what is in store for them when they walk in. “One of the ladies has already moved into the amateur game, and it will not be long before some head into the professional side of boxing.

“WBC is holding a Show later this year and will be an all-female boxing event. We are aiming to put on 14 contests and already it is attracting a large amount of interest from females wanting to be involved.”

The gym is located on the 1st floor of the building and consists of a floor based boxing ring, 16 hanging punch bags, a varied selection of both weights and exercise machines. Also a large private studio room and access to old school training materials from beer barrels and tractor tyres, ropes to medicine balls.

Mav Akram continued, “The WBC branding has boosted the gym so much in such a short space of time I don’t doubt it won’t take long before it will be a super smash across the UK.”

The club opened its official web site last month and within 38 hours of going on-line it smashed the 1300 hits mark. At the time of printing it had reached the number of two thousand hits.

This branding is without question one of the most positive boxing/fitness sessions Birmingham has to offer and not to be missed….

The sessions are on Monday and Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 11am, all levels of fitness are welcome.
For all information on the WBC you can go on-line to and also on FaceBook.