Design challenge for Solihull Sixth form students

Students from The Sixth Form College, Solihull pictured during their visit to PM Group

Students from The Sixth Form College, Solihull pictured during their visit to PM Group

Engineering students in Solihull have been benefiting from the help of experts at a global engineering, project management and architecture firm.

Budding engineers at The Sixth Form College, Solihull, visited PM Group’s Solihull offices to present engineering projects after being set a challenge to design a kiosk.

In all 24 students, who are part of the college’s engineering enrichment course, took on the task which was set by Martin Murphy, project manager at PM Group.

The students, who participate in this enrichment alongside their A-level and BTEC studies, have been meeting every Wednesday after college to develop their designs.

The presentation to Mr Murphy and his colleagues was the culmination of their hard work.

The students were split into four groups to complete the projects and each group came up with a different design for the kiosk.

Their presentations showed drawings of their designs, as well as an explanation of how the kiosks would be used if they were made.

Mr Murphy said: “We were impressed with the quality of the innovative designs and how each student contributed to the excellent presentations covering topics such as branding, choice of materials, energy efficiency and building and operational costs.”

Sonia Wood, assistant principal at the college, said: “This is the third year we have offered this enrichment for students and it’s great to be working with PM Group again.

“We have lots of students with an interest in engineering and the opportunity to work with a leading engineering firm is such a valuable experience for those students.”

Alice Bennett, one of the students who took part in the project, said: “It was really useful to get an insight into how their business works and what sort of projects the engineers are involved with.

“I most enjoyed presenting the projects, because it was great to get feedback on our work from professionals so that we knew what we could do better next time.