Dominic Kirwan celebrates 25-year music career

Dominic Kirwan

Dominic Kirwan

From playing the pubs and clubs of Omagh and Northern Ireland to the cream of the UK’s concert Halls and Theatres its been a stunning rise, a magical journey indeed through the ranks of this business we call “show” for Irish singer and entertainer Mr Dominic Kirwan.

Impossible to pigeonhole since he broke on to the circuit as a professional singer, Dominic from the County Tyrone town has been entertaining professionally since 1989. Audiences big and small of all ages have enjoyed the genial talent that is Mr Kirwan, from the Shetlands to Lands’ End, from Malin to Mizzen with the USA, Australia, New Zealand and a fair bit of everywhere else in between thrown in for good measure.

Dominic has been a constant on the stages of dance halls, clubs and theatres with a brand of show that has ebbed and flowed but never let the loyal fans that have followed the former car parts salesman, down. Dominic has been described as the ultimate entertainer, at ease with songs such as “Like Father Like Son” to “Noreen Bawn” from “Absent Friends” to “Some Girls”. The show is an eclectic mix of songs that just sit begging to be sung in Kirwan’s own

Dominic is proud of his heritage, proud too that he comes from a County steeped in music folklore…..
The rural County in Northern Ireland has over the years produced some of the household names in the Irish music scene, Brian Coll,  Philomena Begley, Frankie McBride, Jimmy Kennedy, Paul Brady  and bands such as The Plattermen, the Clipper Carlton, Melody aces and of course Dominic too who now is among those in the musical heritage.

 It comes perhaps as no surprise that Dominic has been such a success in the music industry, he took to the stage as a champion Irish dancer with the back drop of the famous West Tyrone Feis in the old Omagh Town Hall. From stage shows to taking his own band on the road “The Melody boys” to winning a talent show that brought him to the attention of Mick Clerkin and Ritz records when he recorded the album “The Green Fields of Ireland” as part of his prize. In January 89 the contract was signed and after a concert tour with Philomena Begley the debut album “Try A Little Kindness” was released in the Autumn………….the rest , 25 years on, is history but a story that continues.

Kirwan, a father of four sons and a daughter signed with the label and has recorded well over a dozen albums, numerous singles, videos and DVDs.
 Twenty five years on and Kirwan’s stage presence still lights up the room, ignites and engages the audience and holds them in the palm of his hand. A vibrant mix of classic country, a hint of rock and roll, a sprinkling of a ballad, a touch of a standard with just a spot of an inspirational classic and you have the ‘Dominic Kirwan Show’ and in 2014 what a show it is.

Amongst his peers and fans alike, Dominic’s live shows are regarded as some of the most vibrant and exciting in today’s music scene. With his rich voice and wide repertoire, there is always something to please even the most ardent music critic.

The New concert show for 2014 is centred around the 25 anniversary, a night of nostalgia as genial Mr Kirwan rolls back the years, belting out many of the songs that has made him a household name. It will be a night to celebrate, savour and enjoy Dominic Kirwan at his very best.
 Relive the magical moments of one of Ireland’s finest entertainers. In his own inimitable style Dominic will be joined by some very special guests in a show worthy of a visit for fans, for newcomers to the Omagh mans vocal talent and for music lovers alike. This is a show not to be missed. It will be a massive year for Dominic but what of the future, the good news is that Dominic has no intention of letting up…”We have taken a break from the dancing scene, We’ll still be doing the odd one but our focus is on this exciting new concert show, we have been working hard on the songs, I have looked and listened at the back catalog and I hope to bring some of the oldies back into the shows through the year. I still enjoy what I am doing and as long as that feeling lasts I will continue, it really doesn’t feel like 25years and if the next 25 are as good, I certainly will be happy, Old but happy!”

A new single, Mending fences is Dominic’s offering for Summer 2014 ahead of a hectic few months that will wrap up 25 remarkable years.