Film review: Earth to Echo

Earth to Echo

Earth to Echo

Reminiscent of the 80s kid movie classics, such as E.T and The Goonies, this Sci-Fi adventure follows a bunch of bicycle riding youths, all equipped with modern technology hanging out in the neighbourhood. When all of their devices begin to behave bizarrely they discover an alien who needs their help to return home. Once they establish communication it much comes to the groups relief that the little foreigner from a far off planet does not part take in anthropophagy!

Unbeknownst to them, the group of pals are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, all in aid of their little newfound friend.

For adults, this movie is at best, an entertaining watch with some laughs, a cute alien some good CGI; however for the younger viewers it may just prove to be a cult classic for their generation.

Director: Dave Green | Cast: Teo Halm, Astro, Reese Hartwig | Cert: PG | Runtime: 91m | Rating: 3