Film review: Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar

This CGI animation is a spin-off from the Madagascar movies and as the title suggests, follows four penguins: Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private.

They are called to the service of North Wind, an undercover task force that help animals that can’t help themselves and prevent Dr. Octavius Brine from taking over the world.

Although an animation movie that will most certainly entertain younger viewers and fans of the Madagascar movies, this will be a treat for all audiences who looking for a feel-good light hearted watch, with some funny one-liners to suit the hardest of critics.

Directors: Eric Darnell, Simon J. Smith
Cast: Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights, Benedict Cumberbatch
Runtime: TBA
Cert: PG
Rating: 3 stars