Huge response for Birmingham’s Easter Rising drama production


The organisers of an ambitious dramatic production involving Birmingham’s Irish community to mark the centenary of Ireland’s Easter Rising say they have been bowled over by the level of interest.

An inaugural gathering took place at St Anne’s hall in Digbeth for people interested in being a part of the Cásca ’16 production.

Birmingham Irish Association is joining forces with the Birmingham Irish Heritage group and the West Midlands Irish Support Partnership to stage the event, which will use song, dance and drama to tell the story of a landmark event in Irish history.

The organisers appealed for talented volunteers to come forward to take part in the theatrical celebration and say they had an impressive turnout for the first meeting.

Melissa Roche from Birmingham Irish Association said: “A huge thank you for all who attended St Anne’s on February 23.

“It was great to see so many enthusiastic people celebrating their Irish heritage and wanting to be a part of Cásca ’16.

“From here on in we will be meeting to rehearse and recruit on Tuesday evenings from 5.45-6pm onwards at St Anne’s hall.

“We’re still appealing for anyone who might be interested to get involved in whatever capacity and are urging people to spread the word.

“We have a great script to work with and have a very ambitious cast to fill so it’s all very hands on deck. The more the merrier.”

Anyone interested in being part of the production can contact Melissa 00121 604 6111 or by emailing

Cásca ’16 will  mark 100 years since the 1916 Easter Rising, which set off a series of events – the War of Independence, the Irish Civil War and the Partition of Ireland – that ultimately lead to establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922.