Interview with Sinead Malone – Irish Dance World Champion 2015

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Sinead, from Scotland, has been dancing with the Caroline Greene School of Irish Dancing since the tender age of 4.

Sinead’s teachers were also champion dancers with Caroline Greene-Parfery being Scotland First ever world champion in 1987 and went on to win the coveted title 5 times. Her other teacher Michelle Greene is an 8 times World Medal Holder.

British National Championship, Great Britain Champion, All Scotland Champion and Scottish Regional Champion, all of which were attained whilst training to be a PE Teacher at Edinburgh University.


It’s been a difficult journey, when Sinead was young, single mum Linda had to juggle the demands of Sinead’s dream which involved travelling extensively worldwide whilst ensuring Sinead’s two older siblings, Leila and Tommy’s dreams were not forgotten.

Leila, currently living in Toronto travelled five hours by train just to see her sister dance and share that special moment when Sinead was crowned World Champion. Unfortunately for the first time, mum Linda was not in attendance at the World Championships. She and partner, Colin were watching the results being streamed live via the Internet from their home in Glasgow; with a perfect score of 500 for Sinead the celebrations were soon underway.

Sinead has been top 5 at the World most of her dancing life there have been many ups and downs along the way, plus tears and tantrums too. In 2009 she travelled to Philadelphia, as very strong contender for the title and was unable to compete in the World Championships as a hip injury flared up whilst in the US. Devastated by this, this made Sinead more determined one day the title would be hers and she reached that goal on Friday 3rd April 2015.


Sinead told The Harp News, “Winning the Worlds in Montreal was the best moment of my life. Me and my teachers had worked so hard for that one title and when I achieved it, it was incredible. I really can’t put into words how amazing the moment was.

“I was holding Caroline’s hand so tight throughout the whole thing and I’m pretty sure we cried all the way through it too! “My mum couldn’t make that worlds so it was heartbreaking not having her there with me to experience that moment but she was watching on LiveCom back at home in Glasgow with my other teacher Michelle. It was just an indescribable feeling and I will treasure it with me forever.”

When Sinead returned home she was offered a place in Lord of the Dance, “It has been a dream of mine since I began dancing at four years old. I would come home from nursery and my mum would put ‘Feet of Flames’ in the video player for me. Caroline was in that troupe and whenever I saw her on screen I would shout her name! I wanted to be just like her when I grew up and it is surreal that these dreams have came true. I am loving every minute of being in the show and dancing in front of hundreds of people every day. I couldn’t think of a better job!”



When asked about her teachers Caroline and Michelle, Sinead was heartfelt in her sentiments of two ladies she clearly idolizes; “Caroline and Michelle are the most amazing teachers. They always have everyone’s best interests at heart and they know how to help their pupils reach their potential. They work well together as they both have different methods to teaching.

“They have pushed me to my absolute limit and even when I felt like giving up they never let me because they knew I had it in me to achieve my dream and become a world champion. “I have been taught by them for 17 years and in those 17 years they have became family to me. Also owe my success to my mum, Linda. She has put a lot of time and money into my hobby because she knew how happy it made me. I can’t thank her enough for how much she’s done for me.”

Michelle Greene one of Sinead’s teachers reflected, “Sinead has come a long way from the shy 4-year-old that hid under chairs and refused to dance at competition level and instead stuck her fingers in her ears and sucked her thumb paying no attention to mum Linda or her teachers who tried to coax her out!

“A down to earth humble girl who is an inspiration to so many in this sport with her will and sheer determination she never gave up to achieve her dream.”

When asked what was the best piece of advice Sinead was ever given, she said simply, “At any given moment you have the power to say ‘This is not how the story is going to end’.”