Introducing John Smyth…

John Smyth

John Smyth

A newcomer on the Country and Irish circuit is 19-year-old John Smyth and he will shortly be releasing his first album.

John who has roots in Offaly and Belfast has always had a love of Irish and country music told us, “I am so happy to announce that the launch night for the new CD, titled, Wasn’t That A Party, will be at St Anne’s in Digbeth on Saturday 16th May 2015.

“I have also been invited to Christ The King in Coventry for a second night launch on Sunday 17th May 2015.”

John continued, Wasn’t That A Party is a 10-track CD with songs that are well known and enjoyed, including the title track, Wasn’t That A Party, Dreamers And Believers, Hometown On The Foyle and Locklin’s Bar, amongst others.

Recorded at Creekside Studios, under Pat McGrath and local musician, Little Jimmy, John has high hopes that the new album will be well received.

He said, “The hard work is done now and I am very grateful to Pat McGrath at Creekside Studios for the time spent in the studio and all the tea and biscuits the he provided for us!

I would also like to thank Little Jimmy for all the help over the last year to get me where I am today.”

Doors open on Saturday 16th May at St Anne’s at 8:00pm and show starts 8:30pm. Music is by Caroline McHugh and the Salt Creek Band, Roisin Murphy on tour from Co. Monaghan, Little Jimmy and Billy Martin.

Sunday 17th May at Christ The King Club (West Hill Road Coventry CV6 2AA) music starts from 9:00pm starting with local Coventry artist Frankie, Roisin Murphy, Little Jimmy and Billy Martin.

CD’s will be available on both nights and then after at Minstrel Music in the Irish Centre in Digbeth, Birmingham.