Lisa McHugh “HEY, I’M A WOMAN

Lisa McHugh

Lisa McHugh

With rave reviews sweeping vastly across the country, Lisa McHugh has certainly aspired to thrash targets in all fields since she made Ireland her home just over 2 years ago.

The 25 year old Glaswegian star has proven to all critics that huge success can be achieved with determination, hard work and of course talent. Being the only female on the road full time with a crew of 10, would normally send shivers down a person’s spine, however to LISA seems to thrive on this daily challenge that has brought out the best in her and indeed shown how much she really wants this!

Receiving over 10 awards to date is something everyone should be proud of and LISA is no different as she comments” It’s always so humbling to be recognized for all of the hard work and endless time I’ve spent in to perfecting my craft, my career and my life and let me tell you, its not easy, but I love it!”

Described as “an Idol” and “Inspiration” by many of her adoring fans, Lisa doesn’t necessarily see herself any different to any other normal girl “Yes I work incredibly hard, yes I do be recognized in the street and yes there are hundreds and thousands of people that come to see me perform and I’m so grateful for every single bit of it. But at the end of the day I’m just a normal girl too that’s so happy to have the opportunity share my music with so many people and if I make 1 person smile or even a little happier every day it makes everything so worth while “

As one of the youngest artists making head way, LISA McHugh is a very important factor in why Country music has catapulted in the charts and across the world of late “ Its so exciting to see Country music becoming so popular and cool again as it wasn’t when I was growing up! I’ve always had a deep passion for it and it’s my all time goal to keep it on the rise for as long as I possibly can”

Lisa McHugh has released 2 albums to date all of which included cover songs and none of her original material. Now LISA has opened her life up to the world on another level by sharing some of her deepest emotions and experiences in her catalog of what has been described as HIT songs. “Now is the time, I feel more than ready to let everyone in to my world and hear it from my perspective in this next record. I’ve never released any of my own songs until now and I’m literally shaking with excitement”

Her Brand NEW single is one of her latest compositions alongside her great friend and No.1 songwriter – Don Mescall” Don and I met last year at a function in Ireland and I must say his songs are incredible! He has such a gift and I am deeply honored to be working and writing with him throughout this record”

“Hey I’m A Woman” is the title of the new track and when asked to comment on the story LISA said” It says it all in the title, (she laughs) I’m forever surrounded by men in this business that don’t necessarily take me or my true feelings seriously which I guess happens to a lot of Woman in life and in general, so this one is for the girls! We’ve got to stick together!”

A real, feel good song that can stay on repeat all day is what the charts are crying out for and LISA McHugh certainly has it!