Little Jimmy celebrates success of new single


By Alannah Collins

Popular local musician Little Jimmy is celebrating the success of his latest single Our Happy Irish Home, which has received rave reviews and multiple requests on radio shows here in the UK and Ireland.

Jimmy said, “People always ask what inspires me to write a song. That is something I cannot find a direct answer to.

“Sometimes, it’s just listening to music in certain situations that I may find myself in or the joy of hearing good news and even maybe the sadness upon hearing of a death of a loved one; there are many factors involved in the inspiration of each and every song.

“With this particular song, it is reflective and some of it does apply to my early years living back in Donegal in a town land not far from Dungloe.”

The song opens with the lyrics: ‘Learned a few tunes on the accordion, many years ago to while away the winter nights in our cottage near Dungloe. We had no TV just Radio and Gramaphone, music played a big part in our happy Irish home.’

Jimmy explained, “I did learn a few tunes on the accordion, so this was an easy part to write about.”

The song goes on to mention the dance, music, and romantic scene of many years ago, before alluding to the topic of emigration and returning home for the summer, which was an experience of many.

Jimmy continued, “As for the chorus, well I’m sure a lot of listeners can associate with a happy Irish home.”

The tune itself is a very cheerful and upbeat number, so it comes as no surprise that it has gone down a storm with dance fans. The sentimental lyrics also add another dimension including evoking memories for those of that generation, so in short this song has won the hearts of music lovers all over.

Jimmy said, “I certainly enjoyed writing it, and I’m amazed at the reaction I’m getting. Not in my wildest dreams did I think it would be so popular!”

Little Jimmy’s new single Our Happy Irish Home is available at Minstrel Music in Digbeth, on iTunes and at any of his gigs.