Review: Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Brendan O’Carroll fans are in for a treat this month with the release of Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie which sees the funny and feisty Dublin mother at her usual blend of antics with her sidekick Winnie and family.

Mrs Brown’s livelihood is threatened when Russian property developers want to buy her market stall in order to secure planning permission for a shopping centre. The precious stall in Dublin’s historic Moore Street Market has been in her family for generations and she hopes eventually to pass it to daughter Cathy.

With the Russians applying pressure and a hefty tax bill to pay, the family group together to raise cash and see off the developers, who turn out to be the least of their problems.

As, Mrs Brown says, ‘A company tried to shut down my fruit and veg stall… They can feck off.’

D’Movie is spin off from the BAFTA-winning TV comedy, which is well worth a watch and most definitely a must see for Brendan’s army of fans worldwide.

Director: Ben Kellett | Cert: 15 | Runtime: 96m |Rating: 4
Cast: Brendan O’Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Fiona O’Carroll, Robert Bathurst, Danny O’Carroll, Eilish O’Carroll, Rory Cowan