New CD release from Tom Quinn

The Rose of Carramore

The Rose of Carramore

It’s great news for fans of popular local singer Tom Quinn that he has just released a new four-track CD titled The Rose of Carramore.

Tom, from Mayo enlisted the talents of Little Jimmy on keyboard, Mark McCabe, accordion, Stuart Johnson on steel guitar and backing vocals of Mary Leonard to put together his new musical offering.

Tom told us, “The sun was setting outside the Pontoon Bridge Hotel in County Mayo and as I sat watching the dusk fall in such glorious surroundings I pondered as to why would anyone want to leave such a beautiful place.

“I then thought of my own reasons for leaving home and as alike with countless others that had left before and after me, the view and picturesque surroundings was not going to put food on the table. I sought employment and left my native home, but my native home never left me.

“As I sat and pondered, my thoughts turned to songs that carried the same message; songs of sadness; of leaving your place of birth, your family and your country.

I started to put words together and after a while I had the lyrics of a song about a young man returning to Ireland and to his sweet heart.

“This tune, The Rose of Carramore, became the title song of my new CD.”

Tom’s new CD focuses on four tracks, that where recorded in the Blue Whale Studio’s in the Custard Factory, Birmingham.

Tom continued, “I am working on a twelve track album to support the charities close to my heart.

“In the mean time, I would like to thank everyone who has purchased my CDs and supported me at charity events.

“In the mean time, I hope you all enjoy The Rose of Carramore.”

To get your copy call Tom on 07756 445524 or 00353 87127 8389