New Church Lamp installed after callous theft


Parishioners at St Patrick’s Church in Birmingham despaired in 2011 when they discovered that thieves had stolen the Sanctuary lamp that had proudly stood above the altar.

The community was furthermore taken aback when CCTV revealed that one of the thieves made the sign of the cross before the legging it with 116-year-old treasured lamp.

Fast forward to 2014 and a new lamp was installed to the delight of the churchgoers.

The new Sanctuary lamp was commissioned and made by the silversmiths in Hockley based on a photograph and it took three months to make, as each piece was hand crafted; It weight just over 28lbs when finished.

Olivia McMenamin said, “We would like to thank His Grace Archbishop Bernard Longley for celebrating the first Sunday of Lent with the Parish and also blessing the New Sanctuary Lamp. Thanks also to the Parish council and the Engineers Philip McMenamin and Joe McCabe for installing the lamp to its original position.”