Our Irish Dancing: Reflecting on 2014

As the Midlands Irish Dancing region enters the New Year, 2014 proved to be extremely successful for the Midlands based Irish Dancing Schools.

The glitz and glamour of Irish dancing is frequently reported, yet those who are involved first hand in the ‘World of Irish Dancing’ know it to be a passion for the Irish Culture which drives the determination of the children forward and the standard higher.

Not only has the Midlands region excelled on the international stage both with solo dancers but also team and figure competitions, but also on the performance stage. Those senior dancers performing to packed out theatres and arenas including Michael Flatley’s Dangerous Games and Riverdance, night after night to standing ovations sharing their talent with delighted audiences in every corner of the globe, but where did it all start? In a School or Church hall with a dedicated teacher walking the child through their ‘one, two, threes’.

2014 saw lots of celebrations with the Midlands trained World Champions, Alliyah O’Hare, Callum O’Neill and Nadine Martin all hosting parties for their families and friends. John Carey followed in September holding the Carey Academy World Party, which recognised all of his dancers achievements across the three categories at the World Championships in London. The Kidd School hosted a ball for Annie Kidd for her dedication to teaching Irish Dancing in Birmingham.

Now 2015 appears to be just as promising, as we look forward to the Feis Season kicking off again and welcoming a new Championships to Birmingham; no doubt the competition will be as fierce as ever with all of our dancers dreaming that little bigger.