Rare opportunity for aviation enthusiasts

Champagne flight: cabin crew Hayley Carter and Lauren Davis

Champagne flight: cabin crew Hayley Carter and Lauren Davis

A group of aviation enthusiasts will be treated like Royalty when they take to the skies between Birmingham and Dublin as part of an opportunity to fly in a ‘classic’ British designed and manufactured aircraft.

The special flight this month, is a joint initiative between VIP charter operator Cello Aviation and businessman and aircraft enthusiast Aidan Nolan.

It will give those who love and appreciate great aircraft to get the full treatment on the Cello Aviation BAE 146 that has a luxury 46-seat configuration and flies top sports professionals, musicians and business travellers all over Europe.

The BAE 146 is also the aircraft that took the Queen and her party on the historic state visit to Ireland in 2011.

Travellers to Dublin on October 13 will have the opportunity to inspect the aircraft on the ground and talk to the crew before the take-off and flight that will demonstrate the qualities of the aircraft.

The party will depart from the VIP lounge in Birmingham and be received in the VIP area in Dublin.

In-flight passengers will get a luxury experience and the chance to enjoy the service provided to Cello’s passengers.

The BAE 146 and RJ family of aircraft were made by British Aerospace and is recognised as one of the best ‘flying machines’ with special characteristics that include a short take off and landing capability.

“Last year we did an enthusiasts flight with the Foker 100 and now it is the turn of the BAE 146 with its distinctive high wings and four jet engines,” said Aidan Nolan, who is organising the day.

“It is going to be very special to fly in such an iconic aircraft with all the trimmings. Ask people what they would do if they won a lot of money and the private jet is always near the top of the list along with the Rolls Royce, Italian sports car, country house and world cruise.”

Vince Essex, head of the commercial department at Cello said the flight will be a first for the carrier and a further diversification.

“The chance to fly in style and even sit in the same seat as David Beckham or even the Queen will be a great memory.”

Take off is at 10.30am on Monday, October 13. To find out more about registering for the flight email airliner-experience@live.com.

Cello Aviation hosted Republic of Ireland football team

The Republic of Ireland football team flew back from Georgia having been flown out to Eastern Europe for the opening qualifying game for Euro 2016 on-board a VIP charter flight operated by Cello Aviation.

The return journey was made all the better by the celebrations on-board as the Republic of Ireland gained a precious two goals to one away victory against Georgia getting their campaign off to a flying start.

Cello Aviation a Birmingham based carrier had flown the Republic of Ireland football team on a previous occasion.

The luxury on-board service includes the option of specially-prepared cuisine made with fresh ingredients to ensure optimum for top sports professionals.

Cello Aviation regularly flies many of the Barclays Premier League teams and top clubs based in Europe as well as international teams.