Ricky Hatton is a big hit in little Birmingham


He is going to be one of the best-remembered British fighters this country has seen.

We already have the likes of Lennox Lewis, Sir Henry Cooper, Alan Minter, Brian London, Joe Calzaghe, Amir Khan and Joe Bugner. However in recent years nobody had a fan based following, as good as Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton.

He has attracted a loyal fan base in the Midlands from day one and this showed when he turned up at The Norfolk Hotel on Birmingham’s Hagley Road recently.

What looked to be about a 500 strong gathering attended the show by BOXFROG PROMOTIONS and Ricky didn’t hold anything back when discussing his career, his life and the turmoil in-between fights and weight problems.

I sat with Ricky and spoke to him about his fights with Birmingham based boxers Mark Taylor, Brian Coleman, Paul and Mark Ramsey. All three from boxers had fought Ricky in their professional career. Ricky said all three had different appeals when he heard he was fighting them.

When Hatton was on the way up he sooner or later was going to meet local lads from all areas. “Brian Coleman was tough and well-known. He fought anyone and everyone and he was just tough,” said Hatton.

Before he faced Ricky he had already boxed John Thaxton, Chris Pollox, Junior Witter, Graham Earl, Christian Brady, Arv Mittoo and Peter Nightingale. By the time Coleman retired he had 172 professional fights and never sidestepped a single person.

Ricky continued, “Paul and Mark Ramsey were tough nuts to crack.”

Both Brothers were notorious on the circuit and were to be avoided if possible. “Paul was a fantastic ABA boxer and won some great fights and titles. Mark suited the pro game more where Paul was for the amateurs,” continued Hatton.

“Mark was lean and mean and made you earn your money. Paul was taller and the ABA style of his boxing never left him and in the pro game it was a hindrance.” “Great bunch of lads,” said Hatton, with whom he has kept in touch with over the years.

Ricky was very open about his whole fight life. He described how he longed to win a Lonsdale Title and when he beat John Thaxton he was over the moon. He said he hated Mayweather with a passion and ‘couldn’t stand him.’

At the start of the show Ricky talked about women’s boxing and how he thinks it’s heading for a big screen and attracting a wider audience. It’s definitely one to watch in the future,” he noted. He is a fan and commented that he one day hopes to have a good female fighter in his camp.

So what about his camp currently? Ricky said, “I am still involved in the sport and have a small camp of fighters who keep me busy and on my toes!”

It was a pleasure to meet the Hitman who I can only describe as witty, smart and funny with or with out a pint of his favourite tipple by his side.