Singing sensation Martin Finn set for Midlands appearance

Martin Finn

Martin Finn

Promoting albums is nothing new and not unusual with artists and musicians showcasing their talents, however for Martin Finn, it is.

24-year-old Martin Finn will be visiting the St Thomas’ Association Club this month to promote his album, One In A Million.

Martin, the son of John and Norma Finn, is exceptionally talented and he has severe autism.

His father John, who is from county Clare, said, “Martin has a special talent. He is unable to communicate with us through speech but he can sing and this is his passion.”

Autism is displayed in many spectrums and Martin has one of the severest forms; he does not talk or express emotion, he simply displays behaviours that his parents have learnt to recognize.

“Martin started to hum whilst at school so his teacher introduced him to a karaoke machine and he would spend his break times listening to music and recreating the sounds down the microphone. That is how Martin started to find his voice,” said John.

John continued, “Martin was the ‘perfect baby’ until the age of two. He was never ill, he fed well, slept well and everything was just perfect. Shortly after his second birthday he was struck with repeated ear infections, which we thought left him with limited hearing. He didn’t really respond to voices.”

During his junior years, Martin was fitted with various Grommets to promote his hearing and his parents and doctors reasoned that that was why he unable to speak.

John recalled, “He was quite young when he started to walk on tiptoes and be very sweaty and uptight. We thought this was down to the ear infections.

“We didn’t know then that he was trying to express to us that he was frustrated or anxious.

“As the years rolled by, Martin’s speech never came, but his other talent surfaced at school.”

Martin has taken part in the Autism’s Got Talent Show and can very closely mimic any song he hears.

John continued, “Martin can read and can identify artists and his choice of music covers a wide range. He listens to songs in different languages and understands them. We don’t! But once he learns them his way, we cannot encourage him to change a certain note. Once he has learnt it, that’s it!”

On a daily basis Martin’s parents are his constant carers, and they along with his older sister, Maria, see to his everyday needs.

John said, “Martin doesn’t understand why we need to bathe or brush our teeth every day, but we simply explain to him that, ‘you’re going out on stage tonight so you need to look your best.’ The mention of singing or being on stage to him is enough – he knows and he wants to perform.”

Martin has a captivating stage presence, yet without a microphone or music in the background, he rocks from side to side and appears very uncoordinated.

Perhaps it just may be so that the music is in his heart and he is dancing to a beat we can’t hear…

Martin, along with the help of his parents, has recently released an album titled One In a Million. Tracks include old Irish favourites such as, My Donegal Shore and the Banks of the River Shannon. Martin will be appearing with Pat Jordan at the St Thomas’ Association Club, Erdington, Birmingham, B23 6UB, on the 14th of November.

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