Slimline mum loses 5.5 stone – The Combined Weight Of BOTH Her Children!

Noreen and Dave with their children

Noreen and Dave with their children

Since going from a size 24 to a size 12 in 10 months Noreen ‘Slimline’ Burgess is a healthy weight for the first time in her life and is more determined than ever to make sure her children develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

From a young age Noreen can remember always being bigger than the other children and how her need to clear her plate at mealtimes led to a lifetime of not listening to her body.

“I was overweight as a child and don’t remember a period in my life when I wasn’t on a diet. Healthy food and exercise soon became buzz words for boring and punishing.”

It was a cycle of depression and comfort eating, that lasted through her twenties and thirties, which resulted in Noreen weighing in at 17stone 2lbs at her heaviest -clinically morbidly obese.

“I met my partner Dave when I was 21 and he didn’t care about my weight so I never felt under pressure to diet. It was only when our daughter Erin was born in 2005 that I really felt quite heavy and uncomfortable. I wanted to be the mum who ran around the park with her kids, without having to worry about everyone staring at me, but 4 years later when Jake came along I was as heavy as ever”

Noreen tried a range of diets which resulted in a yo-yo effect and even though she managed to run the London 2012 Marathon she soon realised that running 18miles every week to lose weight was a completely different ball game from the training runs she had become use to.

Before and after: Noreen ‘Slimline’ Burgess

Before and after: Noreen ‘Slimline’ Burgess


“Training for the marathon allowed me to eat what I wanted leading up to the run but I never lost any weight. My diet was so unhealthy that all the effort I was putting in with my training runs would be completely outdone by the high fat, high sugar processed food I was eating day in, day out.”

Although Noreen had been unsuccessful with her weight loss plans she was still determined to become a healthy role model for her children, so when her friend Angie suggested she come along to their local Slimming World Group she decided to give it a go.

“In all the years of trying to lose weight I’d never tried Slimming World It was the ‘red’ & ‘green’ days which put me off, it sounded so complicated but as I listened to the consultant talk about the Extra Easy plan on that first night I was hooked.”

Noreen very quickly learnt the genius behind Food Optimising was the concept of Free Food – healthy, satisfying foods that can be enjoyed in any amount. For any plan to have a long lasting effect Noreen needed it to be simple. As a busy working mum she didn’t have the time to obsessively count calories or weigh foods.

“In the first month of joining Slimming World I went on a theatre trip to London, celebrated my daughter’s communion, spent 5 days in a muddy Glastonbury field and still managed to lose over a stone! The plan was working because it gave me the freedom to make healthier choices without feeling deprived.”

Noreen’s love of cooking was reignited after reading an article on how to turn any cookbook recipe to make it a healthy meal. Soon her Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver cookbooks were being dusted off and she was dishing up family favourites, which would have piled on the pounds before. Creamy carbonara, paealla, Cajun chicken burgers and pulled pork baps became a regular feature on the ‘Burgess Mealtime Menu.’

“Dave and the kids eat the same meals as me, which is really important. I can serve up a spaghetti bolognese with parmesan cheese and garlic bread for us all to enjoy, completely on plan! What’s not to love!”

Noreen’s love/hate relationship with running has also been reignited thanks to Slimming Worlds ‘Body Magic’ programme. She now goes running 3 times a week and has recently started going to the gym, something she would never have dared do at her heaviest.

“I don’t think I’ll ever really ‘enjoy’ exercise but you know what that’s ok. I run with a group of friends and we have a laugh while working out so it really never feels like hard work. Dave and I decided to join the local gym and have a family membership so every Sunday the four of us have an afternoon of swimming and fun. It’s our way of making exercise a natural part of the kids routine and setting them up for a healthy attitude to exercise when they’re older, which is really important to both of us’

Noreen believes the success of any long term weight loss programme needs to cover 3 areas; food, exercise & mind.

“Lots of plans focus on food and/or exercise but way too many lose sight of the ‘mind’ aspect of losing weight. This is why Slimming World has worked for me as it focus’ on eating without guilt and allows me to forgive myself if I do have a binge day. It has allowed me the freedom to bounceback from setbacks far quicker than I’ve ever done before and as a result I haven’t sabotaged by weight loss success”

Its not all been plain sailing though and on the weeks when she had ‘a little gain’ the friendly group became her own personally cheerleaders offering advice and support which would set her up for the week ahead.

“Losing weight is an individual sport but we all need our cheerleaders to inspire and encourage us along the way and I have the best supporters in the world”

And now Noreen’s out to motivate others into realising their weight loss dreams by becoming a Slimming World Consultant herself and hopes to inspire others into leading healthier happy lives.

If you’d like to join Noreen’s Slimming World group its going to be held at the Balsall Common Jubilee Centre (behind Tesco), 225 Station Road, CV7 7FE , every Monday at 7.00pm from 15th June.

For more information or to join Noreen’s group either pop along on 15th June or call her on 0746 7039767