Meet the Solihull man who became a martial arts expert after brutal stabbing

Eddie Quinn (far right) with students learning The Approach

Eddie Quinn (far right) with students learning The Approach

A Solihull man who became a martial arts expert after almost losing his life in an unprovoked attack has made a successful career out of teaching people a system of self defence he devised himself.

Eddie Quinn was stabbed several times in a brutal attack by a gang of thugs 30 years ago.

The cowardly gang turned on Eddie after he intervened to help someone who was being mugged.

After recovering from the stabbing, which left him severely scarred; Eddie decided to learn martial arts.

He now runs a successful self-defence business called The Approach, which has been enthusiastically received across the globe.

The Approach is a distillation of the martial art Pencak Silat Fitrah, with influences of Thai, Filipino and Indonesian martial arts – all of which Eddie has practised over the years, Eddie said: “I made my mind up it was never going to happen to me again. I have been a martial arts enthusiast ever since.

“Bullies are cowards, and if they think, or discover, that someone is capable of looking after themselves, then they are far less likely to push their luck.

“I teach people the essentials in a simple and easy-to-learn way that is easy to retain.”

Eddie is regularly invited overseas to train instructors to pass on the methods of The Approach, which he devised after many years studying and practising a wide variety of martial arts and self defence techniques.

Solihull has become a regular place where people can lean The Approach.

Recent visitors to Eddie’s classes there included enthusiastic from all over Europe – including a senior police officer from Norway and a representative of a security company in Poland.

Eddie, who has been running self defence courses in Solihull for more than 20 years, added: “It’s incredibly satisfying and flattering that people from so many countries around the world want to learn the methods of The Approach.

“It’s lovely to travel abroad and spread the word, but it’s just as exciting to welcome visitors to my home town.”

Eddie’s self defence courses, for anyone aged four and over, run throughout Solihull. Contact him on 07702307822 or email: