Spotlight on…Michael English- gifted irish singer songwriter

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Reading the 2016 Itenerary of entertainer Michael English would simply take your breath away it’s such a jam packed schedule – a true testiment to the massive popularity of one of Ireland’s finest Singer/Songwriters.

“2016 is going to be a jam packed year for myself and the Band! As well as our regular dancing dates here in Ireland, we are doing an extensive Irish Concert Tour in the Autumn, we are also heading over to the Scotland and England on tour a few times next year. There is a tour to Canada as well, and some trips to Spain and Portugal, oh and a Mediternnean cruise,” Michael explained.

And that’s only for starters -Michael has another album in the pipeline for 2016 and he will be recording his very first DVD which he is very excited about. In addition, the well of creativity which is one of his most precious gifts will continue to produce exciting new numbers which will no doubt become well known hits as they hit the Radio Stations, Social Media, and Shopping Outlets.

Although Michael now lives in Co. Laois, he was born in Castledermot, Co. Kildare. “From a very young age I dreamed of being in a Showband,” Michael explains, “and I used to be in awe of all the acts when my parents took me to various shows” he added.

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“I used to play in our local church whilst growing up in Castledermot and it was great experience for me and I enjoyed it very much,” he said.
Therefore, it was no surprise to family and friends when the young man took to the stage himself; “My first gig was playing support to Dickie Rock at Green Acres Ballroom in Carlow. Moira O’Shea, who was a booking agent back then, booked me. I had just appeared on The Late Late Show and when we came home the following day the phone started ringing and that was the first booking I got,” Michael explained.
Needless to say, things snowballed from there and Michael and his Band found themselves ever more in demand.

‘Life on the Road’ can be tough and most performers will admit that it’s the most difficult aspect of Show business for them, however Michael takes it all in his stride; “I really do love life on the road and I always have. It is a way of life I suppose, and it might not be for everyone but it’s defientely for me. I love travelling and seeing new places, so I really enjoy what I do and count myself lucky to be doing something that I love. I also love meeting friends both new and old, and there is often some downtime to have a music session and a singsong which I never get tired of!” he says with a smile.

Along with touring extensively within Ireland, Michael and his Band are true Globe trotters having played in most states in the US while on various trips, and then of course in England, Scotland, France, Spain and Portugal. They also perform on the cruise circuit every year which has taken them to faraway exotic places on the shores of the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

The latest offering from Michael is a fabulous song entitled From The Highland’s to Ireland. “|This is a song that I composed especially for our most recent trip to Scotland. I was looking for a song that explains the great similarities between the two places and so I decided to write something. Hopefully the song also celebrates the relationship between Ireland and Scotland as that was my intention when I was writing it,” said Michael describing his latest creation.

“I’ve always loved writing and composing new melodies and perform many songs in the show now which are my own compositions.

“The new album, Dance All Night, is a collection of songs which inlcudes six of my own compsoitions as well as some firm favourites” he explains.

Dance all Night also includes the hit singles Ding, Dong, Sing my Song, Dance All Night, A Million Memories and Friday at the Dance. It is a follow up to Michael’s last album Country Roots. “I am delighted with how sucessful the album has been to date,” he said.

With such a hectic schedule Michael has very little free time, however he does try to wind down and is also a keen keep fit fan.

“I like to keep fit so I swim and cycle every second day. I read a lot when I’m away on tour, and also I love the song writing aspect of my job as I see it as more of a hobby than work,” he explained.

And as Christmas 2015 draws near Michael will have a few days off to reflect on a hugely successful year, a fabulous career to date, and no doubt a sparking new year ahead; “I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!” he says with a twinkle in his eye!