Spotlight on: Nathan Carter – Making Country Music ‘cool’ again

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It’s been eight years since Nathan Carter released his Debut Album ‘Starting Out’, since then his popularity has grown at an unprecedented rate. What a phenomenal ride it’s been for this amazing young artist since I last interviewed him for the Harp just two short years ago.

It’s fair to say that the craze for Nathan Carter is something Ireland has never seen before for a Country and Irish Artist – Concert Tours sold out almost as soon as the tickets go on sale, and record sales going through the roof with each successive release.

However, the bright lights and adulation of thousands have not altered the 25 year old who has his feet firmly on the ground, and this perhaps is what has ensured his continued success as his star continues to ascend.

Even the most critical and discerning punter will come away from one of his Concerts highly impressed – with his vocal ability he is equally at ease with both Irish and Country numbers, meanwhile his musicianship totally impressed this reporter”

You won’t find two many artists outside of the calibre of perhaps Elton John, who will allow his fabulous Band go off on a break, calmly stroll to the piano, and accompany himself on a superb version of ‘The Leaving of Liverpool’ and a raft of other numbers. In addition, his totally relaxed and laid back manner while being bombarded by iPhones right, left, and centre is to be lauded and admired.

With the Band back on stage, Nathan casually picks up his Guitar and launches into an American Country Set, to the delight of his legion of young fans in the audience. Later on in the gig, he is to be seen giving it a lash on the Accordion, enhancing all those great Irish numbers no end!.

Nathan Carter has singlehandedly made Country and Irish music ‘cool’ again, a genre that for decades in some circles was mocked and laughed at, especially it must be said by the younger generation. Nowadays, they are the first to be heard singing ‘Wagon Wheel’ or his brand new ‘Beautiful Life’. How things change!!.

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While it’s undoubtedly a wonderful achievement for the artist himself, as he has influenced a whole generation to turn their attention to Country music – the knock on effect is already reviving the careers of countless performers across Ireland and beyond.

While Nathan made his name with ‘Wagon Wheel’, he has topped the Irish Album Charts with each consecutive release including his latest ‘Beautiful Life’

“I’ve always tried to do things a bit different, and I try to bring a new style to my shows, sometimes by introducing songs that would not normally be related to country” the Singer says.

While Nathan has been based in Ireland since his career took off, he is a native of Liverpool but has Irish roots on his Mum’s side.

Music has always played a significant role in his life and at the age of four he began learning the Accordion and as a teenager won an All Ireland medal for Traditional Singing.

At the age of 16, Nathan began playing gigs around his native Liverpool and soon recorded his first Album ‘Starting Out’ which opened doors for him with Cruise Promoters and also with the Enjoy Travel Group.

Requests for dates quickly snowballed and the young singer found himself on stage performing at dances and concerts across Ireland and the UK.

It was at a Concert in Donegal that Nathan crossed paths with John Farry who when chatting to the young singer asked him if he would like to put a Band together. “I immediately said Yeah”, Nathan explained, “and I’ve never looked back”. Suffice to say, their business partnership was a win win for both, and has continued to grow and evolve the Singer into the major star he is today.

While his stage set is varied and diverse, Nathan’s early influences came from stalwarts such as Merle Haggard, and Brad Paisley.

However, his natural aptitude for traditional Irish music is clear as he delivers renditions of favourite Irish classics on his Accordion.

While ‘Wagon Wheel’ was the song that made him a household name, he has consolidated his popularity since with Where I want to be, The Time of my life, Tequila makes her clothes fall off!!, and of course his latest Beautiful Life.

For the young Liverpool performer, life is certainly a whirlwind at the moment, so to wind down he likes nothing better than to watch some TV, or a DVD, and enjoy some nice quiet times at home.

Nathan’s manager John Farry can be contacted by email at