Spotlight on – Scotland’s Johnny Bremner – An Honorary Irishman

Johnny Bremner

Johnny Bremner

This month I’m delighted to showcase a wonderfully talented Scottish Artist who is to coin a phrase – ‘More Irish than the Irish themselves!’ Johnny Bremner who is a native of Evanton in Rossshire in the Highlands of Scotland has always had a great grá (love) for the Irish people and Irish songs, and on many of his albums alongside gifted renditions of country songs, you will find lots of Irish numbe

rs. Johnny looks forward to touring Ireland every summer and his popularity is very evident as fans in Ireland, England, and his native Scotland continue to turn up in large numbers to support one of their favourite artists.

A love of music and song was fostered in Johnny at a very young age when friends and relatives would gather at his home on Saturday nights for a sing song around the piano which was played by his Mother. His grand father John Mackay, who he is named after, played fiddle and had his own Ceili Band and Johnny’s Mother was also a member of the group.

A future career in music was beckoning when as a child he would stand in front of a mirror with the brush handle and sing along with records like Rubber Ball by Elvis, as well as numbers from Cliff Richard and other popular artists of that era. As a teenager a huge yearning to sing and play Guitar grew in his heart, but money was scarce with seven in the family and his Father earning just £7 a week working as a mechanic.

However, when he heard country music legends Hank Locklin, George Jones, and Tammy Wynette, he immediately realised that this was the kind of music he wanted to pursue. “I fell in love with Country Music,” Johnny said, “I had a dream and hung on to it, hoping that some day it would come true for me and at the age of 21 my Mum and Dad bought me my first guitar with an echo jumbo and I began to learn chords and songs and the rest is history”.

Johnny began playing with a local guy but was ultimately disappointed to discover that this man only played for six months of the year. However, he met another musician James who he formed the Country Jays with (J for Johnny and J for James). With a five piece Band, he was on the road continuously in Scotland and England for twelve years, working up to six nights a week.

In 1985 a new chapter dawned in Johnny’s musical career when he decided to begin working as a solo artist. “I can wholeheartedly say I have never looked back,” he said. “Today as I travel about I know my life has been richly blessed, I’ve had the privilege of getting paid for doing a job I love and enjoy”.

During his years on the road Johnny has shared the stage with top acts such as Boxcar Willie, Hank Locklin, and Porter Wagoner among others, Johnny plays to sell out audiences both in his native Scotland, England, and Ireland.

Over the years he has recorded many wonderful Albums and DVDs featuring a mixture of country numbers and songs from Ireland. While these Albums are immensely popular with his fans, perhaps the most appreciated material from this gifted performer is his collection of Gospel and Spiritual music which he also enjoys performing in Church. Albums such as I Found Jesus, Precious Memories, The Old Country Church, and Country Gospel have been hugely popular with his many fans and also widely requested on all country Radio Stations.

When Johnny is not performing at gigs, he works in his Recording Studio at home in Evanton which is situated 16 miles north of Inverness on the shores of the spectacularly beautiful Cromarty Firth.

With such a profound passion for music, he really enjoys working at what he loves by day as well as at the gigs at night time. Johnny records all his own Albums here and also produces CDs and DVDs for other artists. State of the art computerised equipment ensures super production and sound quality. Johnny takes pride sending his customers home with a top class product which they have recorded in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

“Through the Internet my music is getting out there all over the world and into the homes of so many people,” Johnny said, “I am so thankful to Jesus Christ who made it all happen for me and if I were to leave this world tomorrow, I can honestly say my life has been richly blessed”.


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