The Maggies join Danny Ryan in appeal for Children’s Hospital Cancer Unit

Anne Flanagon, Licencee at the Maggies, together with sponsor Andrew Cecil (Jobie) and Gerrard and Joe from Take Two

Anne Flanagon, Licencee at the Maggies, together with sponsor Andrew Cecil (Jobie) and Gerrard and Joe from Take Two

Midland fundraiser Danny Ryan has very recently launched an appeal to raise thousands of pounds for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Cancer Unit.

Danny, who visited the hospital a short time ago, was taken back by the wonderful work that they do on Ward 15 at the hospital and so wanted to lend his support to the £2,000,000 appeal that the hospital is looking for. The hospital originally launched an appeal to raise £4,000,000 in assisting in the transformation that is needed to help deliver up to date modern facilities for the children that attend the Cancer Unit, by developing a Cancer Centre.

As part of the appeal the Oncology Ward are looking to purchase a number of Vital Signs Monitors and trolleys that can be attached to very sick children with Cancer, whilst they are undergoing treatment on the Ward. Danny said, “Harp readers will know that I do like to purchase, or contribute to the purchase of items of medical equipment for hospitals. This project will be no exception, as I plan to purchase a number of these Vital Signs Monitors, for the Ward.”

The Maggies pub in Hall Green was one of the first pubs in the Midlands to really get behind the appeal, where a recent Bank Holiday fun day was organised by mine host Anne Flanagon. A Pig Roast was available and the entertainment on the day, provided by the wonderful duo Take Two.

Danny said “I really do appreciate all the effort given by Gerrard Brogan and Joe McGrath from Take Two who entertained people all day. I would also like to thank Andrew Cecil (Jobie) from Masons Logistics, Yardley for supplying the Pig Roast and sponsoring the event and to all the helpers on the day. It was truly wonderful. Events such as these further continue to inspire me to do what I do for hospitals in Birmingham. To Anne, her team and to everybody who attended on the day and supported this appeal, can I say a big thank you. The total amount raised, whilst the Harp was going to print was £2,000, which is absolutely fantastic.”

The current Cancer Centre sees over 3,000 Cancer patients and their families from across Birmingham, the West Midlands and the UK every year. The current facility is over 30 years old and has completely outgrown its current environment. New facilities and accommodation will include age-appropriate play zones, better communal areas for families and an improved outpatient’s area, which is now busier than ever before.