Thomas Hearne proves to be a ‘Hit’ in Cannock

Scott Murray with Thomas 'Hitman' Hearn

Scott Murray with Thomas ‘Hitman’ Hearn

Thomas ‘Hitman’ Hearne was in the Midlands just before Christmas and the former World champion was no disappointment to waiting fans.

Named as one of the 80’s Four Kings which include Duran, Haglar and Leonard, Hearne was born in Memphis Tennessee USA and was the first ever boxer in history to win World Titles in four different weights. Winning 61 fights 48 wins by KO 1 draw with only 5 losses secured his position as one of the World’s most famous fighters ever.

His only losses were at the hands of Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler and Iran Barkley twice and against Uriah Grant when he stepped up to Cruiserweight.

Tommy was at The Premier Suite in Cannock with the former ABA Heavyweight boxer Scott Murray. Scott has already welcomed Duran and Leonard to his venue and will be completing his list of all four with a visit from Marvin Haglar due this coming spring.

In my opinion Scott hosts some of the best dinner shows going and for avid fans they are not to be missed.