UB40’s saxophonist displays another talent in art exhibition

Brian Travers with some of his artworks at Havill & Travis

Brian Travers with some of his artworks at Havill & Travis

He might be best known as one of the founder members of UB40 and the band’s saxophonist but Brian Travers is also an accomplished artist.

A former student of Moseley School of Art, Brian spent just nine months creating enough artworks for an exhibition at Harborne gallery Havill & Travis, despite an extensive touring schedule which saw him travelling the world with UB40.

Gallery co-director Dave Travis asked Brian if he would like to exhibit a year ago and said he was amazed at both the quality and volume of work he produced for #POP!

Dave said: “Brian filled our entire gallery with just nine months work – at the same time as playing 100 gigs with UB40 all over the world.


“He’s done so many paintings we don’t have room to display them all.

“You only have to look at one of them to wonder how long it would take you to complete, even if you were doing it as a ‘painting by numbers’.”

#POP! celebrated the pop art culture of 1960s New York through to the 21st century and its enormous influence on popular culture. Brian’s work adds a DC Comics-themed, pop-art spin to influences from Jackson Pollock to Vincent van Gogh.

Brian, aged 56, whose family originally hail from Dublin, said: “I’ve been touring for so long I just haven’t had the time to paint.

“Dave then asked me to do an exhibition so I sat down to work in a little Cotteridge studio.

“I called this an abstract art show for the comic book generation.

“I’d been living with these works for nine months in between gigs – and was great to finally see them on the wall.

“I hope people like them.”

Following the end of his exhibition Brian is now touring with UB40, travelling to Australia and New Zealand before returning to play the Birmingham 02 Academy on December 21.