Wife of Birmingham based fundraiser dies aged 54

danny and karen ryan

Karen Ryan, wife of Birmingham based marathon charity fundraiser Danny Ryan has died at the early age of 54. Her untimely death took place in Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, following a short illness.

In addition to husband Danny, Karen is survived by daughter Kayleigh and son Danny, plus an extended family.

During 27 years of fundraising, Danny, at all times supported by Karen and his legion of supporters, has raised over £2.5 Million for charitable causes-mostly in the Birmingham area. Pubs and Clubs, mostly Irish, have always supported Danny and Karen.

Over the years every hospital in Birmingham has had vital medical equipment installed by Danny’s fund raising efforts.

Danny first met Karen at one of his fund raising events in the Ceol Castle pub in Birmingham-they married 23 years ago.

Danny was awarded an MBE and also an Irish Post Award for his services to charity fund raising. At The Irish Post awards in Birmingham, Danny told the attendance that the award was going to Karen-the one person more than any other who had supported him over the years.

Karen’s funeral service took place at St Gerard’s Church in Castle Vale. At the reception into the church and at the Requiem Mass the following day, the church was packed to capacity. The service was conducted by Cavan-born Fr. Gabriel Maguire, PP of the Abbey in Erdington.

One of the most emotional moments was when Danny and his two children paid tributes to the wife and mother who had told them to ‘Always think of the good times.’

Internment took place at Brandwood End Cemetery in Kings Heath. A reception then followed at The Emerald Club in Small Heath.
May she Rest in Peace.