Women’s Boxing Club gets wide backing from four corners


The Women’s Boxing Club, which started in October 2014 has quickly become one of the fastest growing brands in boxing, so much so, that rumour has it that the New Year looks to even bring them a movie involvement/endorsement.

Giving women a safe haven for boxing and fitness training like both the amateurs and professional counter parts get it wasn’t long before it got noticed all over.

First of all former World Champion Ricky Hatton offered to help promote the fantastic idea, no sooner than Ricky stepping in, others offered support. Birmingham boxers such as Frankie Gavin, Sam Eggington, Khalid Yafi and Matthew Macklin was happy to help. Now the WBC has a massive long list of names showing support to women getting the absolute right coverage and treatment in a sport that has been male dominated for far too long.


Nicole Scherzinger X factor judge and former Pussy Cats Doll gave great complements about boxing and how she uses it to stay in shape. She was more than happy to help promote WBC and was swiftly joined by TV & sports stars like James Corden, Freddie Flintoff, Jamie Rednapp & Jack Whitehall.

Over the last 6 months support and following of the WBC has snowballed and some of boxing big names has joined in to promote the club, which has been a lifeline for many women in the city.

Former World Boxing Champions such as WBO middleweight Ritchie Woodall, WBA Lightweight Ray Boom Boom Mancini, British, European & WBC champion John H Stracey, WBO Middleweight and WBC Super Middleweight champion Nigel Benn alongside former British champion Neville Brown, Irish multi-champion and sparring partner of Iron Mike Tyson and Joe Egan. The WBO intercontinental champion Tommy Langford has also shown support alongside female boxing stars such as unbeaten professional Kelly Morgan, GB boxer Kim Shannon & Chantelle Cameron (GB) and Rio Olympics star. Recently British Heavyweight star AJ Anthony Joshua gave support and loved spending time with some of the WBC ladies at a show in Birmingham.


October 30th saw their first show named HALLO-QUEENS at the Irish Centre in Digbeth and the show was a sell-out event with 24 women boxing on the card and promoting a positive look for women in the sport.

Women from all backgrounds wanting the chance to box and say they have stepped into a ring, did so with great pleasure and pride. Mums, solicitors, nurses, office workers, care workers were just a few of the professions held by these ladies in their daily life.

The Irish Post covered a two page special on the event and a documentary was televised on Big Centre TV, plus Bob Brolly done a 20- minute cover on the workings of a WBC class which was shown on The Irish TV.

Now the 2nd event is heading this way and it has already attracted a large amount of interest from females all over the West Midlands.

Teaming up yet again with Women’s Boxing Northampton, the show has also attracted other and new female boxing adventures from outer areas to have the bouts matched up evenly. Colin Toal is the trainer and has two ladies boxing on the last Hallo-Queens event, which saw him gain a 1 win 1 loss record.

The WBC is this month commencing with part one of an intense two months of training plan in preparation for its next event, which is in April.

All who attend get three fitness and boxing sessions a week, learning all aspects of the sport from footwork to combination skills & hand coordination. Also the sessions offer weight loss, muscle building and stamina foundations. Circuit training with light weights, Ropes, Bag, Pads & Abs. Women wanting to even trim down after the festive season or use to the New Year holidays will find this the best place to be.

This award winning all women’s fitness & Boxing brand will make you reach your goals and more.

Full details can be found at www.womensboxingclub.com or on Facebook Womens Boxing Club.

This April show will bring Birmingham into the new age of boxing; and it’s all about women’s boxing!