Women’s Rugby World Cup trophy comes to Birmingham

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The Women’s Rugby World Cup trophy came to Birmingham today (28 August) as Birmingham City Council Deputy Leader Ian Ward congratulated England coach Gary Street on the squad’s victory in this year’s tournament.

Birmingham rugby stalwart Gary, who is lead ambassador for Birmingham Rugby Partnership and the Birmingham Rugby World Cup 2015 legacy, was joined by England women’s rugby squad players Sarah Hunter, Emily Scarratt, Laura Keates and Natasha Hunt.

Cllr Ward said: “On behalf of the council and the city, I would like to congratulate Gary and the team on their tremendous success in this year’s Women’s Rugby World Cup – an achievement they should all rightly be extremely proud of.

“It is particularly fitting that the squad’s first world cup win in 20 years should have been achieved with the help of a Birmingham coach and we are delighted to welcome Gary, members of the team and, of course, that hard-won trophy to the city.

“In addition to celebrating this success, we also look forward to welcoming players and fans alike next year when two of the Rugby World Cup 2015 games will be played at Villa Park, which also hosted three football matches in the 1966 World Cup, with team bases at Sutton Coldfield Rugby Club and at the University of Birmingham.”